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Stop Giving Your Customers the Silent Treatment!

Telephone Message On-Hold is the most cost effective advertising available.  It addresses your target market and increases customer awareness by 100%, reinforcing your outside marketing efforts and letting callers know about your specials, new products, awards, etc.

Don't take chances by playing the radio over your phone lines!  That not only allows your competitors to advertise to YOUR customers--it also can set you up for fines if you don't have a license.

Reduce caller hang-ups and stop giving your customers the "silent treatment!"  Call Creative Audio Productions today!

* State-of-the Art Digital Playback Equipment...You Buy It - You Own It!
* 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty on Equipment
* All Music Licensing & Royalties Are Paid
* Multiple Voice Talents to Choose From
* Thousands of Music Selections & Sound Effects Available
* Custom Written Scripts
* Complete Turn-Key System, Including FREE installation!



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