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Mike Jackson

Narrator for Audible

Official Recording Studio for

Sometimes it is hard to find a company that still believes in the importance of helping clients reach their full potential!! Though Creative Audio is a large and well known Company, they treat each client as an individual with individual needs!! Their attention to detail helps make my products top-notch and that is what sets this company apart!!  I record all of my audio books with Creative Audio Productions.  They also do all of the audio work for my Seminar CD series and animated games for children.

It is truly a joy working with Mike at Creative Audio.  I highly recommend Creative Audio Productions to any fellow authors or public speakers.

Kimberly P. Johnson

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Joyce Marie Sheldon

I've written two different audio books and have used Creative Audio Productions for both of them.

Working with Mike is fun and his pricing is very reasonable.

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Joyce Marie Sheldon

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